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Why am I here?

What is my purpose in life? What is my unique contribution?

This is a question many people try to answer. It is a question I have been anwering myself, and keep working on. This question is very connected to Who Am I? and What Do I Want?.

It is my belief that when we really live according to our purpose, we are true to who we are and getting want we want will be effortless.

As with the other two questions, the key is in where we focus in the question. The WHY part connects to our Purpose, the contribution we can make to this world. After you are long gone, what will still be there that reminds people of you? What will your legacy be? When we focus on AM, the question is why am i alive? What is the core reason? The I part refers to our uniqueness. We all have something specific, something special to offer. HERE refers to where we currently are in our lives. The family we live in, our society, the country we live in etc. So in order to answer this question we should also consider how we define HERE.

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