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Facilitated Account Plan Reviews -
A Sanity Check for your most important customer accounts

Having a high quality account plan that can be shared with the full sales team is a very valuable asset these days.

As more and more companies sell in larger teams it is important that all people involved share their view on the account and decide as a team what the best appraoch will be.

Sales is more and more a journey, with different destinations and different starting points. And then there is the choice of the vehicle and the route, what are we going to sell and who will sell it?

In the past few years I have been asked my many customers to facilitate their team's account planning efforts.

Making sure all people involved know what is happening at the account, where the team is currenlty and where they have to be in the future. What sales target do they have, and are they on their way to achieve that target. That's where I have developped the Quota Achievement Plan. This is to support the sales people in their mindset by asking the right set of questions in order to determine tyhe appropriate approach.

Facilitated Account Plan Reviews can take 2 hours to multiple days, depending on the size of both the sales team and the specific customer.

Most of these meetings are developped to the specific needs of the team, where there is a common thread in most of the meetings.

The agenda can look like this:

  • introduction by the account owner, mostly the account manager
  • introduction by the facilitator, what is the agenda for the day? how are we going to work? what is the role of the facilitator?
  • a brief presentation by the account owner to get everybody on the same page - what is the current situation?
  • a round of introductions where all team members are asked their specific challenges in working with this customer
  • an overview of current projects
  • an overview of the relationship
  • a discussion on the most appropriate approach

Most of these sessions are bespoke work and designed in close cooperation with the account manager.

For more information on having your Facilitated Account Plan Review please email me at

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