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Awakening to Purpose

Today is July 24th 2006 and I am preparing myself to join .. for 6 Teleclasses ... Awakening to Purpose.

Awakening To Purpose

I guess it is the time of the year again, summer, spending time at home...and then the questions come...Who Am I? ... Why Am I Here? ... What Do I Want?

  • Am I really doing what I want to do?
  • Is my company offering what I want to offer?
  • ...
  • Am I living according to my values?
  • What is my real purpose in life? And what is the real mission for my company?
  • Why do I exist (besides trying to be the best husband, father and son in the world) and why do I run my company (besides for making money to provide for the family)?

Even though I am a personal coach myself it is my belief that every now and then you want someone else to present the mirror for you...thats why I decided to join Awakening to Purpose.

Would you like to feel a sense of meaning in everything you do?

Would you like your life simplified? Know what to say, what to do, think and feel without doubt?

Would you like to wake up and feel energized…like a kid?

Would you like to wake up and feel happy and fulfilled?

Can you imagine having clarity?

Every day, doing what you know you’re meant to do; always knowing you’re using your talents to the fullest.

Would you like to do less and achieve more?

Would you like to know you’re making an impact on the world?

Would you like to know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that you are creating success, health, wealth and bliss?

How can we do all this?

Well, anyone who gets into manifestation quickly discovers one truth: creation is an inside job. You want to enjoy manifestation; embrace inside out creation!

You want a better life? You’ve gotta know yourself.

You can create a car, home, wealth, peace, happiness, better job, relationship, whatever you like, but the universe looks past all that packaging and gets straight to the heart of the matter.

It looks into the essence of your desire—the ingredients. It reads your passions, talents, joys and heartfelt deepest wishes. It knows your values and bliss and responds by giving you more.

What would the universe find inside you right now? What would you find?

Our manifestations are merely physical representations of our being. In order to manifest quickly, easily and effortlessly, we must know why we’re creating something, making something or doing this or that.

The universe wants to know the “reason for being.” In fact, it has little concern for what, and a great interest in why.

Reason for being is PURPOSE. When we know our purpose; when we know our true talents, passions, desires and joy; when we know our values and what’s important to us and what matters and is so uniquely us, we know how to be.

You see, being has three aspects: thoughts, emotions and actions. In order to know what to think, feel and do, we have to know our purpose. Then, we can do what we love, rather than always looking to please others, repeat the past and old habits; instead of doing what’s “right” or what we “should” do or what will fix everything.

When we know ourselves, we know what to think. We think according to our values and desires. We feel according to our joy and passion.

When we know our purpose, we communicate our essence to the universe with every thought, emotion and behavior. Our body language speaks to who we truly are and what we’re all about. Our words correspond to our true self. Every behavior, in every minute, consistently communicates to the universe who we are and the universe returns more of the same.

Our desires are merely packaging that help us to stay focused on the wealth, love, joy, talent and happiness that already exist within us; joy, wealth and talent we have identified, acknowledged and now celebrate with every creation.

When you know your purpose, you live your best self. For example, you see yourself "wealthy" and act, speak, think and feel accordingly. Consequently, you attract wealth.

Without purpose, you might think about wealth, dream about it, visualize it and even profess to really feel it, but when someone asks you to lunch, you say “I can’t afford it. I’m broke.” Now, here’s what we truly think and believe and act.

Knowing your purpose makes it easy to live authentically and consistently so you don’t confuse the universe. When you know your purpose, every desire comes from the deepest, truest part of you and manifestation is effortless.

I encourage you to join with Anita Pathik Law and Ghalil, two extraordinary mentors you’ve heard me rave about before for “Awakening to Purpose.”

This is more than a class; it’s a journey, complete with follow-up sessions, Preparation Guide, Action Guide and your own Commitments Journal.

Actually, the Preparation Guide that you get upon registering and it’s unbelievable. It’s more extensive than most workbooks I’ve seen—and it’s just the pre-course guide! This shows you step-by-step how to immediately start shifting your energy and making change for the better. It takes you through a series of exercises and questions that give you greater clarity and prepare you for the upcoming week of July 24th, 2006.

I strongly recommend you take a further step in your journey and find out what you’re meant to be doing with your life.

Find out:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is my unique purpose and how do I live it?
  • How do I clear the fears and stop those de-railing thoughts from creeping in and instantly putting me in an un-resourceful state?

Listen, all in all, here’s what you get when you register for Awakening to Purpose:

  • Six, 75-90 minute, live, co-facilitated sessions with authors and mentors, Ghalil and Anita.
  • Downloadable audios of each session for ongoing reference (in the event you miss a live call, the audios will be available by noon the next day.)
  • The Awakening to Purpose Action Guide: Over 50 pages of content designed to deliver the Awakening to Purpose process in manageable, insightful chunks. It's here that you'll dive into principles and explore the 7 Keys to Purpose.
  • The Awakening to Purpose Journal: This is where you'll put everything into practice! Your Journal is over 70 pages of practical content. It's a step-by-step companion that guides you, day-by-day, minute-to-minute, through activities and exercises that will unfold your inner gifts and awaken you to your purpose.
  • Free Access to the Awakening to Purpose Resource Page with additional mp3’s, articles, meditations, music, and activities.
  • An opportunity to be interviewed and highlighted in Ghalil and Anita’s co-authored book, “Awakening to Purpose.”

Join us on September 19, 20, 21, 22 from 8:00 - 9:30 PM EDT or 2:00 - 3:30 PM EDT and September 23 and 24th at 12:00 PM EDT.

Note: This course is being offered as an intensive indoctrination into your purpose. In the event that you are not available for the calls, the sessions are available by noon the next day.

I know that when I manifest easily, I’m living my purpose. I am doing what I love and I’m clear about what that is. I can describe myself. I know who I am. I know what I DO HAVE and I am not trying to get something that’s missing or lacking from my life.

I also know that any opportunity to explore the inner world instantly equates to smoother sailing in life.

Awakening to Purpose is an opportunity to have two gifted and powerful mentors walk with you, step-by-step. Anita and Ghalil will guide you into your true talents, passions, desires and joy and give you the tools to dissolve your fears and all of what’s holding you back. They will move you into the life you’re meant for and truly deserve!

If you want to know yourself…

Feel clear and focused each day

Simplify your life…

Stop doing what you don’t want to do and start doing what you love

Do less and achieve more…

Have energy and motivation; a real spark of passion

Know what you’re meant to be doing with your life…

Awakening to Purpose is for you.

Awakening To Purpose

Jan de Zwarte

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