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"The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on The Internet -- Version 2006" system


Then "test drive" this powerful new system to generate massive profits on the Internet RISK FREE.

This system has been scientifically tested and proven with over 1,000 small businesses on the Internet, and the results speak for themselves...

RESULTS: Thousands of businesses have been started from nothing, and millions of dollars have been made.

Try this system RISK FREE and experience the success yourself.

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The #1 best-selling Internet Marketing course online for more than 8 years running.
The recently-revised and updated 2006 version of this course boasts over 1300+ pages of the most up-to-date Internet marketing strategies and tactics you can apply to your businesses today!
It contains two 8" x 11" full-color three ring binders containing 9 steps, broken down into 70 lessons with step-by-step instructions included for every promotion and strategy.
And it also comes with five resource CDs (with 471 pages of additional lessons) and one audio CD (39 minutes), packaged in a special folder that holds all 6 CDs -- plus two DVDs that contain video of Derek Gehl speaking "live" in Los Angeles, additional lessons, examples, audio interviews, and articles, as well as timesaving software and invaluable resource files.
This course is specifically designed to teach you how to effectively market your business(es) on the Internet...

... and earn an extra $75,000... $100,000... $500,000... or MORE!

So if you are just getting started, you'll learn how to turn your hobbies and passions into lucrative online businesses you can grow from scratch!
And if you already have an Internet business, the advanced sections of this system will show you how you can increase your sales by 400%... 700%... even as much as 1,000%!

Here's a tiny sample of what you will learn:
Step-by-step advice for starting your own Internet business in as little as 48 hours! How you can develop a brand-new product (for FREE!) in less than 2 weeks. Where to find FREE tools and resources that you can use to create a web site -- in less than a few hours! How you can grow your opt-in list like crazy -- even if you get almost NO traffic! How a simple one-minute change to your sales copy can increase your sales by up to 714%... or more! How to recruit an ARMY of eager salespeople that you don't pay unless they make a sale! How to rank at the top of the search engines and directories (like Google, Yahoo!, AltaVista, ODP, AllTheWeb, AskJeeves, and more!) How to use blogs to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your website... for FREE! ... And MUCH more!

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"Blogging For Dollars"

After compiling an entire year's worth of case studies and test results -- and investing over $79,583.28 -- IMC finally developed a bullet-proof system that allows practically anyone to claim a #1 ranking in Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and more!
Over the last year, IMC's team of Internet marketing specialists have been hard at work in their testing labs developing a system anyone can use to make money with free blogging technology, called "Blogging For Dollars."
By using the new "Blogging For Dollars" system, you'll also have all the ammunition you need to secure a top spot in practically any search engine... And drive swarms of targeted visitors to your websites!
"Blogging For Dollars" comes with a 96-minute instructional DVD, and an easy-to-follow guidebook with 115 pages of detailed techniques and strategies for generating massive profits from any blog!

Here's a tiny sample of what you will learn: How to use blogs to dramatically increase your website traffic -- and add 1,000's of EXTRA dollars to your bottom line! How to rank #1 in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN -- for the keywords MOST searched by your target audience! How IMC pushed a webpage to a #2 ranking in Google for a highly competitive keyphrase -- with less than 60 minutes' effort! (And why IMC saw traffic and sales results in less than 14 days!) Which 3 critical steps you MUST follow to catapult your website to the TOP of the search engine rankings -- for any keyword you choose! How to Attract 400% more repeat traffic than your static webpage! Since blogs take just seconds to update (from ANYWHERE in the world), it's easy to draw visitors back again and again with fresh news and postings! ... And MUCH more!

so visit:, please note that while the strategies that are detailed on this page are EXTREMELY potent right now -- if you don't begin to apply them *immediately* (i.e., within the next 90 days), the opportunity will be lost forever.

Just like those who first embraced online shopping... e-mail marketing... and affiliate programs 10 years ago, only those who act TODAY will claim the lion's share of the traffic and profits.

The rest will be left to fight over crumbs!

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