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What do I want?

In my personal view this is one of the key questions, both personal and professional. Wether in personal coaching or executive coaching, it's a questions many of my clients need to answer for themselves. Before you figure out what to do, you need to have a clear answer to "What do I Want?".

As with the question "Who Am I?", the answers you get depend on where you focus in the question.

When you focus on the WHAT it is all about defining. When you focus on DO, the key is to write down what you want, and don't write down what you don't want. Define it in a positive way. When you focus on I, the key is to make it your answer. It is what YOU want, not what your neighbour wants, or somebody else, unless you want it for them. You can always define things for you and for others, as long it is you who wants it. Focus on the WANT part is a very difficult part. WANT for me is strongly connected to the mind, the ego, our rational thoughts. Another way to ask the question is to focus on NEED, which for me is more driven from within, more connected to our feelings / emotions, our soul.

The year 2006 seems to be the year about the Law of Attraction. Movies like The Secret and What the bleep do we know, and the sequel "Down the rabbit hole" make it very clear to us that we have a major responsibility in what manifests into our lives.

This means we better be very aware of what we are asking for.

How many of us have real goals in life? And are willing and able to live according those goals. Realizing that there is a price to pay. In order to achieve your goal you first have to know what the goal is. We need to define our own objectives very clearly.

There are many area's that may need attention:

  • finance?
  • health?
  • relationships?
  • spirituality?
  • personal growth?
  • religion?
  • society?
  • ....

Defining clearly what we would like to manifest in our lives, and behaving in a way that makes success easier, are two key ingredients to living the life you want.

This is where programs like "A Perfect Life" can be of help.

One thing I want for myself it to keep growing, to keep developing myself, learn something new everyday. One major topic here is what is most important to me now. And how can I accelerate my growth in that area.

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