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Sales Force Effectiveness and Development

Many of the companies in the high-tech, medical and IT business are struggling with the effectiveness and the development of their sales force.

De Zwarte Consultancy's mission is to help organizations increase the success of their sales force and senior management by working with teams and individuals.

The focus of De Zwarte Consultancy is on organisations dealing with complex sales situations.
This means dealing with complex buying decisions, multiple levels of responsibility, unclear (implicit) buying criteria and strong competition.
Another focus is on companies that want to change their salesapproach from commodity to solution selling.

Typical clients are:
- new technology companies
- computer manufacturers and distributors
- storage manufacturers and distributors
- software companies- managed service providers
- eBusiness companies- consultancy organizations
- integrators
- telecom providers

Goalsetting, Businessplanning, Strategy Development

Main steps are supporting in Goalsetting, Businessplanning and Strategy Development. Coaching is part of the implementation support in Change Management Projects.

De Zwarte Consultancy is targeted at strategy development and sales operations.
Projects performed in a short period of time with a high impact on the organisation.

Strategy development & implementation:
- coaching executive teams in strategy development
- facilitating account planning workshops
- developing a marketing plan
- developing go-to-market strategies
- developing a channel or distribution strategy
- change management in the sales organization
- development of new markets and new distribution channels

Quota Achievement Plan

Especially for sales people De Zwarte Consultancy developed the Quota Achievement Plan to support sales people in their thinking ... where am I with my quota at this moment and how will I make sure I am going to achieve my quota?

Facilitated Account Plan Reviews

For account manager's who would like to have a reality or sanity check on their account plans, together with their extended sales teams, we offer Facilitated Account Plan Reviews.

The focus area’s of De Zwarte Consultancy are:

facilitation of executive and team meetings, consultancy and training

These focus areas are build around the four change levers that are significant if you want to change your sales force:

1. vision of the company and executive team that is well communicated in the organization

2. structure and process in the way of working leaving the least possible of the outcome to chance

3. capabilities of the sales force and all other customer involved departments

4. and metrics that show and prove goals and objectives are being met.

Account Management, Opportunity Management, Partner Management

De Zwarte Consultancy provides training and consulting services to support the implementation of key sales processes including opportunity management, enterprise account management, partner relationship management and advanced selling skills, such as selling at the executive level.

Target Account Selling, Enterprise Selling Process, Channels and Alliances Management Process

De Zwarte Consultancy's Training Services include a series of proven sales methodologies and associated training programs aimed at sales professionals and their managers. These offerings include Target Account Selling, Selling to Senior Executives, Value-Driven Selling, Enterprise Selling Process and Channels and Alliances Process Management (CHAMP). Territory Management Process and Portfolio Management Process are also available.

These programs are sold and delivered by De Zwarte Consultancy on behalf of the TAS Group (previously On Target, a part of Siebel Systems). The unique approach to implementation creates sustained organizational change and delivers consistent and measurable business results.

Siebel Systems acquired OnTarget, Inc. in December, 1999 and created a group to ensure effective direct sales, partner and contact center deployments. It now employs more than 200 consultants around the world and uses a network of more than 125 certified Independent Consultants to help deliver its training and consulting offerings. Effective June 30th 2006 Select Selling bought most assets related to the On Target offerings from Oracle who had recently acquired Siebel. The On Target offerings are now a part of The TAS Group.

If you want some more information on De Zwarte Consultancy's offerings, don't hesitate to email me at

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