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(Managing) Target Account Selling (TAS)

By focusing sales effort in the right place, with the right people, and on the right issues, Target Account Selling (TAS) shortens the sales cycle and enables sales professionals to win more opportunities.

Target Account Selling (TAS) is a structured, repeatable methodology that enables sales organizations to:
* Shorten selling cycles
* Establish clear, unique business value with customers
* Reduce selling costs through more efficient resource allocation
* Increase sales per employee
* Enhance account control and forecast accuracy
* Build successful sales organizations quickly by helping new employees become more productive sooner

Target Account Selling (TAS) consists of a three-day workshop in which participants learn
how to assess opportunities,
create competitive strategies,
identify key players,
and define relationship strategies.

The workshop is offered in two formats:
Private, instructor-led three-day workshops (TAS) and eLearning plus two-day instructor-led workshops (e-TAS).

Sales Tools:
Target Account Selling (TAS) provides several support tools including:
* A TAS Opportunity Plan that captures the essential information on an opportunity.
* An Opportunity Assessment that enables the sales professional to evaluate opportunities effectively.

Some customers, who are not using a CRM system that supports TAS choose to use the standalone TAS Navigator, a great and easy to use tool to build and update comprehensive opportunity plans, including the ability to define an orgchart.

Several follow-up workshops support the adoption and use of the Target Account Selling (TAS) methodology:
* A Siebel Managing Target Account Selling Workshop (m-TAS)provides tools and techniques to sales managers for improving the performance and development of sales teams.
* Marketing and Sales Alignment Workshops link marketing activities with sales processes, using Target Account Selling as a foundation.
* Field Opportunity Reviews rigorously review three to five of a customer's TAS Opportunity Plans for must-win deals.

More information on TAS you can find on this Target Account Selling datasheet. You need adobe acrobat to read this document.

I am also certified to lead the workshops where we teach managers how to manage the proces for TAS, called M-TAS (Managing Target Account Selling).

More information on this management program can be found on this datasheet:

Managing Target Account Selling (M-TAS)

If you want some more information on De Zwarte Consultancy's training offerings, don't hesitate to email me at

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