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Managing Partners and Alliances

Do you recognize yourself in these challenges:

  • Are you getting consistent, predictable revenue from your partners?
  • Do you have the right partners to help drive and sustain future growth?
  • Do your alliances create enough new business or help win more current business?
  • Can you forecast your partners' revenues accurately?

The Partner Management solutions maximize the leverage of resellers and alliances by addressing these kinds of problems.
Our solutions help:

  • Identify the right partners
  • Ensure that partners are ready and able to execute
  • Manage profitable relationships
  • Develop and execute a plan for revenue growth

Channel and Alliance Management Process (CHAMP)

helps partner managers create and manage predictable streams of revenue from key reseller and alliance partnerships.

Partner Portfolio Management (PPM)

helps partner managers responsible for driving revenue through a portfolio of resellers and/or alliance partners.

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