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Personal Performance and Peace of Mind


When I talk with people about coaching they often aks me "Are you a psychologist or therapist?"
My answer is always No I am not.

Coaching in my opinion is about helping others to further develop themselves, to really tap into their capabilities.

As a professional Personal Coach and Executive Coach, I work in partnership with you to help you achieve extraordinary results based upon goals set by you, either in person or over the phone (TeleCoaching). Results are achieved through a sophisticated form of teaching, skill building, expanding awareness and designing environments.

Simply, coaching begins when you want to do, be or have something more than you have now.

I start by helping you clarify what result you want.

Some examples of the results I've helped my clients achieve include:

Launching a business.
Improving a business.
Creating greater balance in life.
Improving personal and professional relationships.
Creating systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
Increasing sales/ profits.
Building practical business skills.
Discovering life purpose.
Changing careers.

Often especially executives in large organizations don't have people around them to share their ideas with.
Executive Coaching aims at being the sounding board, helping to drive a compelling vision and bouncing off ideas.

Coaching is aimed at getting results, based on knowing what you want to achieve. Then we look at where people are right now and how to move further. This means coaching is all about your future, and much less about your past.

When we look at the world today one thing is very obvious. Most people don't take the time to really enjoy life...let alone think where their life is taking them. Most people just go through life...and don't seem to really appreciate it.

Thats why I have developed a special interest in meditation. I believe that a lot of the answers in life that we are looking for can be found in the so called "gap", the place between two order to enter that gap we have to be we can hear...

Because of all the continous changes around us, that keep coming towards us at a faster pace than ever, we hardly seem able to keep up.

Some people though start to wonder if there's more to life than just live it. I think that writers like Richard Carlson, Deepak Chopra and many others show us there is more to life.

A lot depends on the way we look at life, which is filtered by our beliefsystem. This is a combination of our DNA (nature) and our upbringing (nurture), and the vast array of experiences we have had.

Most of us start to ask ourselves a number of questions at a certain age, for some of us thats at 15, some around their 30th birthday (aren't we all quite the same actually?) and some not before they are close to retirement. The questions we start to ask are "Who am I?", "Why am I here?" and "What do I want?". When these questions hit us we start to look for answers in all kinds of places...we change jobs, change relationships, move to a different country...all to find ourselves. And at the same time the answer is already there.....inside of us.

The best thing I ever learned was how to meditate... to really become calm and quiet inside...and listen to what is inside of me. Listen to the answers to my questions that already existed..all I needed to do was make the time to listen.

More and more people look for these answers. It's my role as a Personal Coach to help people find this Peace of Mind and be able to achieve their dreams, to optimize their Personal Performance, whether it is in their relationships, their finances, their health, their spirituality or their professional careers.
As a sales trainer I work a lot with sales people, and one way to help them realize their targets is by using the Quota Achievement Plan and additional sales coaching.


One of the things I like to do is help people to start to daydream again...

if you could achieve what ever you wanted...

what would it be?

Just lay back in the grass or on the beach and look at the clouds...

and dare to dream big dreams

This daydreaming gives us a sense of our direction and purpose...

it shows us what we really value in life and what we want to achieve.

This gives us a beacon, something to focus our efforts on, our goal ...

as is a lighthouse to people at sea

(though you don't want to steer your boat directly towards the lighthouse).

And off course,

after some daydreaming and finding our direction,

we must make sure that we take the necesarry steps to realize our dreams as well.

That is where I help people to land on their feet again..

and get into action and make their dreams come true.


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