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Personal Performance and Peace of Mind


It is my belief that every human being has the potential to be happy in life and realize almost every dream they may have.
Off course I realize this is easy to say living in a country as the Netherlands, where there is a great amount of tolerance,
a good social and education system and more (although being humans we seem to complain a lot),
especially in comparison to a lot of other countries.

The problem is that those of us who live in good conditions and have well paid jobs seem to rush through life....
without enjoying the present.
We either tend to cling to the past or worry about the future ....

On a trip to the US a few years ago I read the following at a church
"sorrow looks back, worry looks around and hope looks up".
It is my intent to give (some) people hope again....hope to be themselves....and believe in themselves.
I say some because though I believe we can all achieve this state.....we are not all ready for it...or believe
we can achieve it for that matter...thats why we need guides and coaches to show us the way.

And although there are some great writers (see links) and thing is missing....
and thats making all this existing knowledge available for everybody, no matter age, race, religion, rich or poor...that is my dream...making all knowledge on personal development and being ourselves again, i.e. being human beings, available for everybody.

I try to realize this vision by constantly developping myself, by reading many books, listening to cd-programs or mp3's and participating in all kinds of seminars. The things I learn I then apply to my business, my personal life and share them through personal coaching, executive coaching and sales coaching. One new way of sharing that is very promissing is telecoaching.

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