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Personal Coaching

Has someone taught you Goals 101 or Life 101 in high school or at University? Probably not.

These days everybody looks for more....more success (how ever you would personally define that), more fulfillment (how ever that would work out for you), more feelings of belonging, of living your purpose.

Many people start asking themselves certain questions to figure out what they really want from life, what would make them feel fulfilled.

Finding the answers isnt always easy for most people. The reason for this is most look at the wrong place to find the answer. Most people look in the outside world. Many people think they need a new house, or a new relationship or a new job to be really happy. If as a coach i ask them what that new job or new relationship should look like most have no clear answer. They may have spent hours or even days discussing about what they don't want, but they haven't made an attractive picture of what they do want.

This is where programs like "A Perfect Life" or Personal Coaching can be of help.

As a Personal Coach I work with people in very different circumstances:

  • People who have recently moved from a job to running their own business
  • People who are considering their own business but don't know whaty to do
  • People who from one day to the next don't have a job anymore
  • ....

So what is your story? Are you aware of where you are in life today and how you got there? Do you realize which of your actions, decisions, feelings and thoughts brought you where you are today?

More importantly, do you know what you want your life to look like? Do you know who you need to be or what you need to do in order to live that life?

That in my view is where I as a Personal Coach can help.

During Personal Coaching I help to:

  • help you become aware of where you are today and how you got there
  • help you realize which vast array of possibilities are out there
  • help you figure out what unique talents you have to offer the world
  • and how you can use those talents to live the life you want

If you are looking for answers, but think Personal Coaching is the next level for you, you might consider trying a program like Awakening to Purpose first.

So, if you feel like taking control of your own destiny, and want to create the life you really want, please contact me through email:

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