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iNsight Selling

iNsight Selling provides sales professionals with the skills needed to win sales opportunities based on differentiated value.

Using iNsight Selling, sales teams establish credibility, gain access to the right information and people, shape the decision criteria and articulate value through insightful dialogs with customers about their businesses.

iNsight Selling is specifically designed to help salespeople to execute Target Account Selling™ more effectively.

The combination of Target Account Selling and iNsight Selling provides a powerful one-two punch that increases win-rates and sales productivity.


Sales teams learn iNsight Selling in a two-day, private workshop that includes highly-interactive skills practice, using both a multimedia case study and actual sales opportunities. Participants engage in a series of "learning by doing" activities that model their actual selling environment, which helps them learn to prepare for and execute customer interactions more effectively. Through the use of Scenario Planning and a unique pre-call briefing process, participants learn to anticipate potential challenges, enabling them to improve their agility during customer dialogs.

Sales Tools

iNsight Selling provides several supporting tools, including:

  • iNsight Selling iPlanner guides salespeople through the iNsight process and helps them engage in successful customer interactions throughout the customer relationship cycle.
  • iNsight Selling Customer Profile helps salespeople manage relationships with key contacts by collecting and tracking background information including insights into their track record, business and personal agenda, network, political influence, etc.
  • iNsight Selling iCall Plan prepares salespeople for effective sales calls based on iNsight principles and the Target Account Selling methodology.
  • iNsight Selling Stage Finder is a decision support tool that helps salespeople determine where the customer is in the buying process and align their selling interactions appropriately.
  • iNsight Selling Value Metrics Tool helps salespeople track and communicate value delivered on an ongoing basis.


Adoption of the iNsight Selling skills is maximized through follow-up workshops and reviews:

  • iNsight Review helps sales people and sales managers apply iNsight Selling to specific opportunities.
  • Field Opportunity Review led by a TAS Group Consultant and the customer's sales manager, to review, improve, and update Opportunity Plans and supporting application of iNsight.


Based on sales and marketing methodology implementations at hundreds of organizations around the world, the TAS Group has developed a consistent and highly effective change management architecture for implementing large-scale change in sales and marketing organizations.

More information on this management program can be found on this datasheet: iNsight Selling datasheet.

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