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Personal Performance and Peace of Mind

Jan de Zwarte

After my Business Economics study at the "RijksUniversiteit Groningen" I started working at RCC (RijksComputercentrum) in Apeldoorn the Netherlands in september 1992.
After working in sales and product marketing for RCC's HR-Solutions (software solution called PeRCC) for about 4 years, I started working in business development at Roccade Megaplex, RCC's datacenter that needed to change to get more of a market orientation.
I worked within the datacenter as Business Development manager for 2.5 years, until April 1st 1999.

April 1st 1999 I started "De Zwarte Consultancy: Isness for Effective Business". My main purpose was to help organizations improve the relationships with their customers and also help them understand that their responsibilities go beyond making profit and keeping the shareholders happy. Organizations tend to become more and more aware of their responsibility to society in general as well.

After about a year I also started with "De Zwarte Coaching: Personal Performance and Peace of Mind". This is where I provide personal coaching and executive coaching for individuals as well as teams.

Teambuilding especially, is very rewarding.

You often start out with a group of people that resembles the group of cows in this picture. Some people are very eager to learn, as are the cows in the front, they are curious and open minded. Some people really seem to follow the leader, like the red cow on the right. If the leader follows ... I will follow the leader. And some are somewhat resistant, they stay on the side, like the younger cow on the left, or they mind their own business and don't participate in the team at all, like the one in the back that grazes as before...and doesnt seem to have the interest of the group in mind.

The purpose of teambuilding is to get some sort of alignment. Depending on the time we have...and the willigness of the group it's always my intention to get the entire group aligned after a few days, as you can see below (actually, this was a quick learning group, this only took me 5 minutes)



To support sales people in achieving their sales quota I have developed the concept of the Quota Achievement Plan in the summer of 2006. This increases awareness of where sales people are relative to the target they need to achieve, which territory they work in and what the best approach will be to achieve their quota in the least amount of time possible.

My lovely wife Jonnet started "De Zwarte Creations: Visualisation for Motivation and Inspiration". With this we want to help out whenever people need a creative mind to come up with some non-before thought of solutions, or just want to brainstorm to find new opportunities. And also to create some great visuals/paintings that really inspire people.

Brainstorming is all about getting an open mind and not judging to quickly...find out what others are thinking about and build on that.

As a person I highly believe that we are all capable of becoming much more than most of us tend to believe. I fully enjoy working with people and help them discover their true abilities..and make full use of it. My way of working is based on mutual respect, trust and honesty. Though I am not the best in telling jokes, I do my work with a lot of humor. Inspiring and Motivating people is my driving force.

And I sure like to live my life to the fullest.


If you want some more information about any of the above mentioned activities please email me at and I will reply as soon as possible, most of the times within 1 business day.

All pictures on this website are Jan de Zwarte orginals. They are copyrighted. Don't use them unless I give you permission to do so.

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