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Meditation - Chakra's

Energy flows through our body through energy centers that are called Chakra's.

The First Chakra…
Is associated with being rooted in the earth.
A sense of belonging. Spiritual growth and a deep connection to nature.

The Second Chakra…
Is associated with intimacy.
Healthy loving relationships. Pure and deep sexual union with your partner.
The unconscious mind starts to reveal itself…
giving you clues as to what subconscious programming needs to be replaced to help you function at a higher level of consciousness.

The Third Chakra…
is associated with the gaining of Self determination.
A feeling of purpose starts to rise. You start to gain insight into your destiny.
Your “will power” becomes unshakeable. You will start to manifest your goals much more easily.

The Fourth Chakra…
is associated with Universal compassion. Unconditional Love.
A feeling of limitlessness…. everyone will notice the difference… you will be more loving.

The Fifth Chakra…
is associated with Creativity. Communication with others is greatly enhanced.
Self expression is much more of a flow. Your speech is more clearer, flowing more confidently…
in a nutshell, you will be so much more confident.

The Sixth Chakra…
is associated with a much more developed intuition.
You will start to have a clear vision of your own spiritual path.
A feeling of advanced knowing will start to overcome you, interspersed with a lofty feeling of transcendence….
You will gain insight into the destiny of mankind.

The Seventh Chakra…
is associated with a sense of completion. A sense of mysticism,
Self realization and frequent flashes of “Enlightenment”.
This is the state in which others will be drawn to you, seeking spiritual guidance and healing…
you will be magnetically attractive.

When the chakras start to open up,
and a steady flow of psychic energy spins through them upwards into the brain,
new energy patterns are created and the communication between the left and right sides of the brain start to function in harmony.
This “whole brain” functioning is the cause of :

- Heightened awareness;

- Creative thought;

- Increased intuitive thought;

- Vibrant experience of life;

- Stress relief; and,

- Improved relationship skills.

You are an unrealized Einstein...

It is believed that this increase in brainwave communication between the two sides of the brain is what separates great thinkers like Einstein from the average person.

With meditation you open up the energy patterns connecting the different sides of the brain –
allowing you access to the same “whole brain” states that geniuses like Einstein had access to.

You will see a remarkable change in your ability to think, learn and communicate more easily.
You will become a “whole” person, which by the way, describes the holy (wholly) states of minds the great saints and sages experienced.

It is not that these people were any different to you, it's just that they discovered the power of meditation and the awesome power of sound to influence the energy field which is in and all around us.

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