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Jan de Zwarte, Jonnet de Zwarte

De Zwarte Consultancy, Coaching & Creations
offers Sales Training, Sales Coaching, the Quota Achievement Plan,
Personal Coaching
, Executive Coaching and Telecoaching,
and exists to inspire and motivate people,
by offering training, coaching and supportive visuals.

Our training and coaching offerings were all developed by well respected companies.
Leaders in their respective fields.

To fully realize our potential we need to make sure
our limiting beliefs don't stand in our way of success,
that we have a very clear goal to be achieved (goalsetting and envisioning),
a plan for achievement (personal and business planning workshops)
and finally make sure we take the right steps (personal and executive coaching).

Quota Achievement Plan

Especially to increase awareness with sales people and support them in making conscious decisions De Zwarte Consultancy offers the Quota Achievement Plan.

Personal Coaching, Executive Coaching,
Telecoaching, Sales Coaching

De Zwarte Coaching offers personal coaching and executive coaching.

If you are in sales (sales coaching), marketing, sales management,
an executive, starting your own business,
and want someone to bounce of your ideas and help you to build a plan and get into action,
I have great listening skills, am a fast thinker, help you generate many ideas
and make the complex understandable.
If meeting in person is difficult to realize, telecoaching might be an appropriate alternative.

Made to order (commisioned) oil and acrylic paintings

De Zwarte Creations offers made to order paintings.

If you have an image, photograph or maybe just an idea,
tell us about it an we will discuss the possiblities of turning it into a one of a kind painting for you.
For some examples please take a look inside.

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De Zwarte Consultancy, Coaching & Creations.
Jan de Zwarte and Jonnet de Zwarte.

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