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This is the first of a not yet regular newsletter. This means the format and content are subject to change. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed about developments regarding sales training, coaching, personal development and anything i think might interest you. If you have any suggestions, please email me at

Movies and books that inspire. The Spiritual Cinema Circle and the Transformational Book Circle, 2 resources i can highly recommend.

First newsletter

Volume 1, October 1st 2005

Recent Experiences and new certifications

In the last 12 months I had the opportunity to work with several companies regarding their Channels and Alliances Strategy. I trained and consulted them using On Targets Channels and Alliances Management ProcessCHAMP. The interesting conclusion for me after several Partner and Joint Planning programs was that most partnerships are not based on a solid foundation. Companies don't have a clear understanding of the so called fundamentals, and often don't work with a shared business plan. Its great to see that after a half day or full day session most companies have gained a renewed direction for their partnership where both have a clear understanding of each others expectations and capabilities. If you would like more information on CHAMP please visit or email us at

During the summer I got certified in a number of new On Target offerings. Managing Sales Productivity (MSP) aimed at helping sales managers and executives work on their growth plans, their pipeline management and their teams. Create and Win, and Create and Win for Inside Sales, both aiming at inside sales and specifically call center agents. For more information, follow the above links.

If you would like to win more business, grow your accounts and territories and have better relationships with your business partners or alliances, feel free to contact us and see how we can be of help.

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Recently De Zwarte Consultancy got into contact with the Florida Management School who offer a great program, Progressive Mental Alignment (PMA). This is offered as either a 1 day personal workshop or a 4 day business workshop. PMA is aimed at removing so called bad clusters that un-consciously drive our daily routines and might prevent us from achieving happiness and success in our lives. More information on PMA you will find on our website.

New offering:
Progressive Mental Alignment (PMA)

Siebel programs offered under the name On Target.

As you might be aware of, De Zwarte Consultancy offers Siebel Sales Training programs, like Target Account Selling and Channels and Alliances Management Process, since 2000. As of now these programs will again be offered by On Target, a Siebel Systems company. See an overview of the programs we offer.

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